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Minisymposium on Scientific Computing at KTH

on the occasion of the 10 year celebration of the Master Programme

The Scientific Computing Programme was among the first Master Programme to start at KTH in 1997. It was also among the first to start in Europe and up to now about 200 students from 50 different countries have graduated.

Nowadays Scientific Computing (or Computational Science) is given by many universities all over the world. One reason for its popularity is the demand from industry of persons who are educated to perform efficient and large scale computer simulations based on mathematical models of processes in science and engineering. Examples of areas that have been much influenced by this way of attacking problems is fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and material science.

On Monday September 3rd 10-12 in room E51 at KTH there will be a Minisymposium to celebrate this first mile stone in the devellopment of the Scientific Computing Master Programme. All interested students, teachers and other persons are invited to participate. To plan the amount of coffee and danish to be served in the break, please send an e-mail to and say that you will take part.


PROGRAM for Minisymposium

10.15 Welcome from Dr Ingrid Melinder, Dean at the CSC-school

10.25 SciComp Master Programmes in Europe, Dr Lennart Edsberg, Director of the Programme

10.45 Research in SciComp, Prof Jesper Oppelstrup,

11.10 Coffe break

11.30 Impressions from earlier Master students

12.00 The end

Invitation/poster as pdf (121kb)


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