Contest environment

Please note that this is a preliminary list, subject to ongoing discussion.
  • Computer architechture: SPARC. For advanced use, note that SPARC is a big-endian architechture while x86 is little-endian.
  • Operating system: Solaris 10
  • Desktop: Java Desktop System, release 3. Found to be more stable than KDE and equally simple to use.
  • Keyboard: SUN with Swedish layout. We provide mapping files to US layout, for other layouts you need to do it yourself. Feel free to bring your own keyboard (USB), but we cannot gurantee that it will work.
  • Compilers: gcc 3.4.4, fpc 2.1.1
  • Editors: emacs, xemacs, vim, gvim, nano, kate
  • Debugging: gdb, ddd
  • Documentation: SGI Standard Template Library, FreePascal Run Time Library, FreePascal FCL, Ansi C (through man pages)
  • Web browser: Mozilla


Full rules are available here. Note that these are preliminary and subject to ongoing discussion.

The major deviations from typical BOI rules will be listed below.

  • Input data should be read from standard input and output data written to standard output. No file handling will be allowed.
  • No function calls for checking the time will be allowed. NOTE! This rule has been removed.
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