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Nordic/Swedish/KTH Championships in Programming 2019

The NCPC will be on October 5 this year, and takes place simultaneously at a number of nordic universities, including KTH.

It is suitable both for those who wish to try a programming contest for the first time, as well as for those who have competed before and wish to compete internationally. We provide food and drinks during the contest. Afterwards we have a debriefing where we explaining the solutions, reveal the results, and hand out prizes.

A big thank you to Google Stockholm for sponsoring this year's contest at KTH!

Schedule for the contest

10.00: Introduction, room E1
10.40: To the computers
11.00: Contest starts!
Lunch provided
16.00: Contest ends!
16.15: Gather for solutions and prizes.

How does the contest work?

You compete in teams of up to three members. Each team has access to a single computer. At the start of the contest you get a set of problems (2018 had 11 problems). Over five hours you try to solve as many of the problems as possible. Each problem is solved by writing a program adhering to a given specification. The program is sent to a judging system which runs it against a series of test cases in order to verify that it produces correct results and is sufficiently efficient. The team solving the maximum number of problems wins and, if several teams solve the same number of problems, the team using the least total time wins.

You can read more detailed rules at the NCPC web page.


Registration is open. The registration deadline is October 2.

Teams registering early - no later than September 30 at 09:00 CEST - will be prioritized when it comes to food. Registration closes on Wednesday October 2 at 23:59 CEST.

We provide lunch - typically wraps or sandwiches. If you have dietary restrictions, contact Joseph (see below).

Technical info

The contest runs on KTH computer lab computers.
  • Environment: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
  • Keyboard: A Swedish physical keyboard layout will be provided. You may also bring your own keyboard.
  • Editors: Atom, BlueJ, DrPython, Eclipse, Emacs, Gedit, Geany, IDLE, Nano, NEdit, Netbeans, SciTE, Vim, Visual Studio
  • Judge: The contest will use the Kattis judge.
  • Other tools: gdb, ddd, valgrind, factor, gnome-terminal, terminator, xterm

Who can compete at KTH?

The contest is open for everyone! You don't have to be a student or represent a university.

What do you win?

The most important prize is eternal glory and unlimited bragging rights, but there may also be some physical, more ephemeral prizes.

Local organizers

Sidansvarig: Joseph Swernofsky <>
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