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Hotel and Hostel Information

Mopopoly hotels Staying at a hotel in Stockholm is usually not cheap, but there are a number of fairly reasonably priced hotels in Stockholm. The one closest to the contest is probably Arcadia.

Youth hostels

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative you may consider a youth hostel. Make sure to check that it is not too far from center city and that it is open in November. A list of youth hostels can be found at www.hostelsweb.com/cities/stockholm.html. There is some youth hostel information at Wikitravel. Some youth hostels within city limits open in November are 1The ship itself is scheduled to be renovated, but last we heard it was not clear if that would really start before the contest. However, the hostel also consists of a building that will be open during the contest.

NWERC Hotels

We have made preliminary reservations from 11 Nov to 13 Nov at a few hotels. If you wish to arrive earlier or depart later, room rates may differ.

Note:You need to contact the hotel to make a reservation. In order to get the room rates below you must use the reservation code and supply the hotel with a credit card number. Once you have reserved a room, you assume responsibility for any cancellation costs.

HotelRoom typeRoom rateReserve beforeNote
phone +46 8 566 215 00
Single (10)595 SEK/night11 Oct All reserved rooms taken.
You can check for cancelled
rooms at regular rates.
Double (15)745 SEK/night
extra bed
(limited availability)
200 SEK/night
Hotel Karlaplan
phone +46 8 31 32 20
Mini double (15)999 SEK/night11 Oct Deadline has passed.
Probably not fully booked.
Double (25)1099 SEK/night

2 Please call or email Arcadia to make a reservation. You will get the wrong price if you register over the web.

The hotel locations are marked on this map

Hotell lovations
Location of contest site in Stockholm

Other Hotels

See www.destination-stockholm.com for a wide selection of hotels. If you make your reservation there you will get a free public transit pass that also gives you a large number of discounts (a few of which might actually be of intertest). This list may include hotels where we have made preliminary reservations. Note that rates and terms depend on whether you use our preliminary reservation or if you make your reservation at Destination Stockholm. In particular, the transit pass is not included in our preliminary reservations. The list contains hotels that are fairly far from KTH.
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