Collision Deformation

The aim of this project is to develop a robust and fast collision detection technique and to solve the viscoplastic equations of solid mechanics using the Finite Element Method (FEM), in order to suite real-time applications in Computer Graphics, with a particular interest in stiff problems (i.e. thin shells with non-zero volume).

Industrial partner: Craft Animations AB

Problems handled by our solver (.mpg format)

NOTE: if a movie does not load, do right click on the image and "save as.." on your local drive.

Complete wheel with invisible rim

This clip shows a rim (not displayed) whose motion is handled by an external rigid solver, which can communicate with our deformable body model using the forces generated by the deformation, simply via boundary conditions.

Plastic deformation of thin metallic shells

This clip was generated using a brief force application, so that the final deformation displayed is the equilibrium configuration. This is also a stiff problem, since tetrahedra are very squeezed.

Collision with a large rotation

This clip shows our collision detection algorithm working, along with the contact model and a large rotation, which is particulary difficult when linear elasticity is employed. The contact surface is not displayed.


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