November 20, 2004 -- DKE3 God's eye
DKE3 God's eye

November 20, 2004 -- DKE3 Red side
DKE3 Red side

December 23, 2003 -- DKE Blue side
DKE Blue side

December 23, 2003 -- DKE Red side
DKE Red side

July 24, 2001 -- Updated client
Screenshot 7 A new screenshot of the testgame scenario, with the new improved client. The map windows can now be resized any way you like. Also note the new time display.

July 24, 2001 -- Server in action
Screenshot 6 A screenshot of the server, running in an X terminal. This picture shows the new command-line interface (the server used to be noninteractive).

May 7, 2001 -- World War II
Screenshot 5 The latest and most ambitious scenario so far. The scenario is taken from World War II. In the picture we see that the user plays the role of Maj. Gen. J. Lawton Collins, commanding the US VII Corps. The map is a lot bigger than before, and the automaton layer interacts more with the units. Everything black on the map are roads. Units moving on the road travels faster than units moving on the green patches which is forest.
May 3, 2001 -- Rescue mission
Screenshot 4 A new scenario. This picture shows a game where the Íresund bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden, has collapsed and you are to rescue the people who are floating around in the water. You have helicopters and boats to your help. The picture shows what the team leader sees, all units and their visibility ranges. The picture also reveals the name change of the game. Our new mascot is a lizard.
April 26, 2001 -- Fire fighter game
Screenshot 3 Same engine as test game, but different scenario. This screenshot shows a fire fighter game. The goal is too extinguish the fire (the red in the picture), which isn't so easy as it may seem, because it spreads rapidly across the country and each fire truck only have limited visibility of the fire. In the picture you can also see the action menu, which displays what the unit can do.
April 26, 2001 -- Test game
Screenshot 2 The interface has changed slightly from the early development shot. You can also see the new unit graphics with tanks, helicopters and radar stations. For this testgame you can play the red team or the blue team. This picture shows what blue player 1 sees. Because the player controls both the tank and the helicopters it also see the visibility rings for these units. Blue player 1 does not however see what the blue radar station sees. For this game, only blue team leader sees that. The nice graphics for the units are taken from XConq.
April 19, 2001 -- Early development shot
Screenshot 1 This screenshot shows the client moving a unit. The unit is a bitmap and it is currently selected (thereof the red box around it). The ring around the unit shows what the unit can see. The red line is the path on which the unit is moving. You can also see the coordinates the unit moves to on the information panel to the right of the map as well as properties of the unit.

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