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Infomat - A Vector Space Exploration Tool

Infomat is a vector space exploration tool aimed at Information Retrieval and language technology. It allows the user to browse huge matrixes.


Download and unzip the zip-file. Follow the instructions in "readme.txt". (All the other files are included in the zip-file.)

Newest version:
Infomat 100305:, readme.txt, User manual (pdf), Javadoc (html).

Larger example with some simple instructions:
20newsgroups example:, readme.txt (included in the zip-file).
See also Laboration 1 and Laboration 2 of our clustering course which uses Infomat.

Older versions:
Infomat 090729:,
Infomat 090316:,
Infomat 081001:,
Infomat 080829:
Infomat 1.0:


Infomat is developed by Magnus Rosell KTH CSC within the language technology group. The group has developed several other tools that are freely available.

Published by: Magnus Rosell <>
Updated 2010-03-05