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Most of our courses are given in Swedish. Experience has shown that it is a disadvantage to the Swedish students if a Swedish teacher lectures in English. But most books and much of the course material is in English.


Most of our courses are part of a comprehensive program (4-5 years of study). Information on how to apply for programs at KTH. Information on the Stockholm university web on how to apply for programs is unfortunately in Swedish.

Master's program in Scientific Computing in English

We offer a master's program in English for students who have completed an undergraduate program from a university and have a solid background in mathematics and experience of solving problems with computers. Courses in this program are given in English. Information about the program, application etc.

Exchange students

KTH has agreements for student exchange with certain foreign universities based on e.g. the Erasmus program. More information. Exchange students coming to Sweden are supposed to know/learn the Swedish language, just as Swedish students going abroad are supposed to know/learn the language of the country they are visiting. NADA courses are rather popular with exchange students since we have most of the written material in English and there are computer labs for most courses.

Single courses at KTH

Foreign students seldom take single courses at KTH.

There are a few courses (taught in Swedish) for people having a technical education and technical jobs who need to brush up their computer knowledge. Information in Swedish on the courses and on how to apply. Applications are handled by the KTH central administration.

It is also possible to apply for a regular KTH course (Master's or doctoral). Information in Swedish on how to apply etc. Applications are handled by the KTH central administration.

Single courses at Stockholm University

NADA has education not only for KTH but also for Stockholm University. There are a few single courses at Stockholm University--all given in Swedish. Information on the courses (in Swedish) and on how to apply (in English). Applications are handled by the central administration at Stockholm University.

Graduate studies

If you are interested in doing graduate studies (PhD) at Nada you must contact the research leader of the research group you are interested in. A solid academic background, a profound interest and some documented ability in the field of research are prerequisites usually needed. There must also be a way of financing the studies.

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