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Image Processing and Computer Vision

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General Information

Course responsible, Schedule, Aim group, Goals, Course literature , Student office, Assesment

Course responsible

Course responsible and lecturer Danica Kragic (email)
Meetings can be scheduled and will be held in room 714 at Teknikringen 14.
TAs are Per Rosengren (epost), Oscar Danielsson (epost) och Javier Romero (epost)

Schedule and Lecture Notes

Every week during weeks 4-10 in period 3 there will be up to three lectures a week as following

21.1. Monday (10-12, D34) Introduction (4 pages) (1 page)

23.1. Wednesday (13-15, E31) Projections, image sampling (4 pages) (1 page)
Additional readings:
R. Cipolla's and A. Gee's notes on projection

25.1. Friday (10-12, Q21) Digital geometry, grey-level transformations (4 pages) (1 page)
Optional readings:

Theory for Lab 1 done!

28.1. Monday (10-12, D34) Biological vision (4 pages) (1 page)

30.1. Wednesday (13-15,Q21) Linear systems, convolution, Fourier transform (4 pages) (1 page)
Optional readings:

1.2. Friday (10-12, Q21) Fourier transform, sampling theorem (4 pages) (1 page)
Deadline Lab 1 (kl 15)
4.2. Monday (10-12, D34) Exercises 1

6.2. Wednesday (13-15, Q21) Image restoration, linear and nonlinear filtering (4 pages) (1 page)

Theory for Lab 2 done!

11.2. Monday (10-12, D34) Edge detection (4 pages) (1 page)

13.2. Wednesday (13-15, Q21) Spatial segmentation, Hough transform (4 pages) (1 page)

15.2. Friday
Deadline Lab 2 (kl 15)
18.2. Monday (10-12, D34) Multi-scale representations, feature extraction (4 pages) (1 page)

Theory for Lab 3 done!

20.2. Wednesday (13-15, E31) Image descriptors, PCA (4 pages) (1 page)

25.2. Monday (10-12, D34) Stereo geometry and matching (4 pages) (1 page)

27.2. Wednesday (13-15, Q21) Morphology, classification (4 pages) (1 page)

3.3. Monday (10-12, D34) Exercises 2 (english/swedish)
Exercises (english)
Slides on PCA

5.3. Wednesday (13-15, E31) Wrap-up (4 pages) (1 page)

7.3. Friday
Deadline Lab 3 (kl 15)

Who should take this course and course registration

Only undergraduates that are registered in Ladok are allowed to take the course. You are supposed to first apply/choose this course as a part of your optional courses. Phd students will need a special form signed by their supervisor and the dean from their home institution.

All that are attending the course have to also register i CSCs course administration system "res". This is done by using the following command

res checkin bildat08

on one of the CSCs unix machines.


Before the first scheduled lab moment, you should also join the course with the CSCs course administration program course

course join bildat08

This command sets up your environment setting such as for example access to some of the module files needed during the course. These will be loaded automatically each time you log in. In addition, it controls with each login if a lecturer has sent any new messages to course participants. (See course help for additional information.)

After finishing the course, you should do

course leave bildat08

to remove the effects of course join.

NOTE! If you want immediate access to the updated changes after doing this first time, you will have to log out and log in - opening a new terminal window is not enough!


Course aim

can be found in study handbook.


Course literature


Following book will be used in period 3 2008:

This book gives a detailed introduction and description of image processing, image compression and some parts of image analysis. However, this book does not cover the part of the course related to computer vision. For this reason, additional material will be handed out during the course. The book can be purchased at Kårbokhandeln.

This course and its assesment is designed so that both the exam and the labs can be managed based on the book and lecture notes in combination with the given material.

Special course materail (Kursbunt)

There is no any additional material apart from the book that has to be purchased - all the information and material will be posted on the web.


Student Office and Delfi

CSCs student office is situated at Osquars backe 2 level 2. Opening hours can be found here . Here you will be able to pick up your exam after it has been corrected.

Delfi is CSCs system group that takes care of student access cards and user accounts. More information here .


All details can be found here.


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