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Machine Learning DD2431

Welcome to the autumn 2010 course in Machine Learning, DD2431.

How can a computer program automatically improve its behavior based on previous experience? Such questions often come up when designing game-playing programs, but also in robotics or when designing adaptive man-machine interfaces. The subject touches on artificial intelligence, statistics, information theory, biology and control theory. The goal of this course is to give basic knowledge about the theories and algorithms commonly used in the area.



  • Course leader and main lecturer: Örjan Ekeberg
  • Guest lecturer: Hedvig Kjellström
  • Course assistant: Simon Benjaminsson


You first have to pre-register for the course centrally (via your program coordinator or by selecting the course). Then you need to activate your registration.

Activation is done using the Rapp system. Visit where you log in (using your regular KTH-id) and activate your course registration.


Stephen Marsland: Machine Learning, an Algorithmic Perspective
Chapman & Hall; 1st edition (April 1, 2009)

Errors found in the textbook has been collected in this errata. If you find other errors, please tell us so that we can update this list.


Teaching is in the form of lectures plus instructions in connection with the lab assignments. All lectures are in English.

Lab Assignments


Instructions for the lab assignments will appear here.
Lab 1 (Decision Trees) [bonus deadline 2010-09-24]
Note: you can choose if you want to do this lab in Python or Matlab.
Lab 2 (Support Vector Machines) [bonus deadline 2010-10-01]
Lab 3 (Bayes Classifiers and Bootsing) [bonus deadline 2010-10-08]
Lab 4 (Reinforcement Learning) [bonus deadline 2010-10-15]
Note: you can choose if you want to do this lab in Python or Matlab.

Lab Examination

Booking of lab examination times is done through our web-based booking system.


  • The lab examinations are not taking place in front of a computer.
  • You have only 10 minutes at your disposal so come well prepared!
  • RB35 is at address Roslagstullsbacken 35, AlbaNova Campus.

Course Examination

  • Written Exam (Tentamen)
  • Four Lab Assignments

You do not have to register separately for the written exam.

Last years exam is available here:

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