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Avancerade algoritmer, fall 2009

NOTE: Homework B has been changed (exercise 2 and 3 scrapped, new grading).

NOTE: The lecture on November 20th has been moved to lecture hall K1.

The course is taught in Swedish but the textbook, handouts and homework will be in English. The first lecture will be on September 30 at 1 pm in room E2. Welcome!

To register for the course, give the following command while logged in to your account at KTH:

> res checkin avalg09

Teacher: Stefan Nilsson and Karl Palmskog.

The course material consists of lecture notes and copies of articles. Some of the contents of the course is also covered in the optional text books: Introduction to Algorithms, 2nd ed., by Cormen et al, and Discrete Mathematics, 2nd ed., by Norman L. Biggs.


The course has four sets of homework and two projects.

Grades will be assigned as follows:

  F    0 - 139
  E  140 - 159
  D  160 - 179
  C  180 - 199
  B  200 - 235
  A  236 - 300
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