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The projects are done in groups of two people. The group should hand in only one solution and for each problem it should be clearly marked which of the members have contributed. All members of the group must be present during this oral examination.

Project reports should be written in English.

  • Project 1 (100p, deadline 2013-11-11 at 08.15)
  • Project 2 (100p, deadline 2013-12-09 at 08.15)

Report guidelines

Use what you know about writing reports from e.g., your kexjobb.

The intended reader of your report is someone like yourself, say a student at next year's DD2440 who has not yet done the project.

Don't write an overly long report. Try to stay below 20 pages (excluding code listings, but you may not want to include code listings at all).

Explain algorithms tried, used and considered. For algorithms considered, but not ultimately used, explain why you ended up not using them (either because they were tried but not satisfactory or because you decided against trying them). When comparing different attempts, include data such as number of successful factorings or total run-time to back up claims you make.

Do not just discuss your final implementation and its score on Kattis. Also show results for other algorithms and implementations that you tried. Try to explain how improvements were achieved. The improvements gained by trying different algorithms, tweaking implementations etc are at least as interesting as the final score. Benchmarks and test you have made outside Kattis are of interest.

Please include the submission ID of your best Kattis submission.

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