Literature and Code, DD2447 and DD3342

DD3342 is the research level version of DD2447

Apparently, some pdf readers dont like my slides. Please inform me if you have difficulties. I think the common commercial readers available at KTH work, but I will investigate the problem when I get some spare time.

Solutions to exercises

Lecture 1 Lecture 1, 4/page

Lecture 2 Lecture 2, 4/page
Lecture 3 Lecture 3, 4/page
Example from Feb 05 rehearsal
Lecture 4 Lecture 4, 4/page
Lecture 5, no slides
Lecture 6 Lecture 6, 4/page
Lecture 7 Lecture 7, 4/page
Proof of Hammersley-Clifford Theorem
Lecture 8 Lecture 8, 4/page
Lecture 8a Lecture 8a, 4/page
Lecture 8+8a Lecture 8+8a, 4/page

Wikibook on Statistics


Some of Ed Jaynes' lecture notes are here:

Hand on Machine Learning and the Illusion of Progress
Gammerman, Vovk, On Hedging Predictions

Added Jan 21: Vovk, et al: Algorithmic learning in a random world
Added Feb 03: Salakhutdinov, Mnih: Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
Amazon's recommendation method


Matlab code directory
Particle filtering at TKK
Mathworks central file exchange
SVM-KM package
Support Vector Technology
Bayes Net Toolbox