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Större avancerad individuell kurs i datalogi, 9hp

Information for stavin

Examinator från 1/3 2012: Johan Håstad

This course exists in four instances, DD2465 (6hp) DD2466 (6hp) DD2464 (9hp) and DD2463 (15hp). It is possible to combine projects over course boundaries, so you can, eg, make a 12hp project and get credit for DD2465 and DD2466. Each course instance can only be taken once.

You should start this course by thinking about what type of project you want to do, and then contact the examiner or one of these contact persons who can advice you about interesting projects in their areas, and also estimate the credit values of projects.:

Lars Arvestad, SBC
Mads, TCS, Software security,
Örjan Ekeberg, CBN/SANS
Danica Kragic, CVAP Some projectst
Per Austrin, TCS, algorithms and complexity
Dilian Gurov, TCS, program correctness
Jakob Nordström, TCS, proof complexity
Michael Schliephake, PDC
Andrzej Pronobis, CVAP
Gustav Tax'en, IPLab

The course analysis contains an incomplete list of previous projects done by our students

Of interest might also be a set of projects defined by Christopher Peters. You find them here.

The project courses can be taken by participants in Ericsson's event EAA 2012. There have been several projects on iPhone and Android application development in these project courses, focussing on one or several of: techniques, usability and business opportunities.
You may also participate in international open source events such as the OSS 2011 World Challenge (Now see for the 2012 competiotion)
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