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Computer Graphics with Interaction (artwork)

Computer Graphics with Interaction, dgi13: Journal of Improbable Art

When our graphics programming endeavours go awry, the results may not only be unexpected, but quite spectacular. In some cases, new artwork may even be born. Here are some examples from lab work in the DH2323 course where so-called 'errors' during the programming process have created quite interesting and wonderful artwork.

Carl Regardh Gustaf Lindstedt
Ian Snow Ida Renstrom, Jimmie Paloranta, Atie Daghlawi Iris Van Rooijen
Jacob Florell, Sepehr Amoor PourJonathan Murray Jonathan Pellby
Magnus Olsson, Christoffer Wiss Petter Lundahl, Veronica GinmanPhilip Eliasson, Fredrik Lilkaer
Terese Nothnagel Viktor Collin, Simon OstermanVladimir Grozman

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