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Computer Graphics with Interaction (labs)

Computer Graphics with Interaction, dgi13: INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS

An individual project will allow you, with other successful submissions, to achieve a grade of A or B.
Clarification: doing an individual project does not guarantee you a grade A or B - overall grades are based on your lab work and written exam in addition to the individual project.

Individual projects can be on an interactive computer graphics subject of your choice.

Some example topics of interest for individual projects include - but are certainly not limited to:

1. Rendering and animation of natural phenomena (trees, water, fire, terrain, planets, galaxies)
2. Rendering and animation of virtual characters (whole body motions, face expressions, skin, gaze, hair, groups and crowds)
3. Rendering and animation of man-made objects (cities, building, road networks)
4. Human computer perception and interaction with the above, or with other interfaces.
5. Other

One option is to find a technical paper of interest to you (for example, from Siggraph or Eurographics proceedings) and to implement it. Here is a good example (you can search on the net for a free paper download).

Submission details

The individual project is due on Thursday the 13th June. If you intend to do an individual project and have not contacted me already, please do so by email in order to discuss (I also intend to organise some voluntary meetings for projects, so I need to have a list of your names to contact you).
If you find your individual project especially interesting, there may also be the possibility to extend it and continue to work with me on developing it beyond DGI13 in the KTH VIC (Visualization Interaction Collaboration) studio, which has great equipment and connections both with academia and industry (e.g. games companies). In addition to real-time graphics, we are also very interested in user interfaces, HCI, human behaviour and perception for graphics and animation, etc.

Here is a skeleton project that you can use as a start for your project. It demonstrates OpenGL C++ on Visual Studio using math, XML and some other libraries.

Here are the slides from the first individual project meeting.
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