Administrative issues

Serial Communication

See practical how-to for USB-serial conversion

Serial= bits traveling one by one over a line

Aynchronous= no clock line,

Two parties know several communication parameters:

Then they can coordinate some communication

Voltage level

2 lines (serial and ground) needed for 1-way communication

3 lines (RX, TX, ground) needed for 2-way communication

Typical serial setups

DB9 connector

Serial monitors

A little BASIC Stamp echo program, with communication indicator LEDs.

Serial Communication in Java

A how-to:


Arduino serial

Arduino uses its serial port for programming (during bootloader run), and communication (incl. debugging)

If you need more serial ports, use SoftwareSerial (has limitations!)

The led blink counting blinks out on serial

If using the standard 0 and 1 ports (not USB)

BASIC Stamp serial

Other issues

Data format (binary, ascii)

Synchronization, protocol

Serial timeout / freeze, buffers

Other communication modes

Many boil down to serial.