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Physical interaction design and realization

The course is organized around whole days, working studio-like in project groups.


Project and marks

Students will make a small prototype and a larger project in groups of 3-4 people. Ideally the project will be based on the prototype. The project will be presented publicly during the last afternoon. Marks will be set per project, and this will be combined with an individual marking form (a self-reflective journal).

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All activities will take place on CID Torget, Lindstedtvägen 5, plan 6, KTH, Stockholm
More guest lectures might appear, watch the course news above!

28 Aug

9-11 Introduction. Elements of interaction design
11-12 Group discussion on various physical computing projects
15-17 Presentations of group discussion

31 Aug
10-11 Phidgets
11-12 Recap of electronic circuit basics,
13-14 Introduction to prototype, project, journal. Introduction to the course materials and to material booking site.
14-17 Play with Phidgets. Form groups around prototype ideas
Mon 3 Sep
9-10: think of prototype ideas
10-11 GUEST: Design and physical materials
11-12 Present prototype ideas. Discussion

Tue 4 Sep

9-15 Work on Prototype
15-16 Show prototype. Discussion

Mon 10 Sep

10-11 Sensors and actuators
11-12 Arduino
13-17 Play with Arduino, SunSPOT, sensors, communication.

Wed 12 Sep

9-15 Prepare for the reading seminar OBS: room 1535
15-17 Reading seminar

Wed 19 Sep

9-10 SunSPOT, Communication between devices (serial, infrared, USB, radio, Bluetooth)

Other catching-up: project reviews, TEI papers...

10-14 Think of project ideas.
14-16 Present project ideas. Discussion

Fre 21 Sep

10-11 Visit to VIC
11-17 Project work

Tue 25 Sep

9-17 Project work

Thu 27 Sep

9-17 Project work

Tue 2 Oct

9-15 Project work
15-17 General repetition

Fre 5 Oct

9-15 Project work
15-17 Final presentation

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