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Course analysis, DH2413, Advanced graphics and interaction, autumn 2011, agi11

An overview of the course can also be found on the web page

General information on the course, Period1:
The participants should have at least one computer graphics course earlier. This period a continuation of some fundamental concepts and algorithms in computer graphics are given. They have included illumination models, real time rendering with collision detecttion, Mixed and Augmented Reality, haptics Guest lectures on interesting concepts ideas, demos. Interaction part has been oriented towards 3D and other exiting interaction such as haptics, eye traqcking etc. (”SIGGRAPH interaction”)

Lab assignments (that have been continuation from previous courses):
- Maya (with design aspects included)
- OpenGL
- Shader
A problem with OpenGL/Shader labs have been to keep those assignments up to date and to make them work for all students with various platforms. Former interested students have been assistants/supervisors of lab assignments.

General information on the course, Period2:
Project work (deeping assignment) with specification, report and oral presentation (a paper in this was written for the SIGGRAPH2005 education program). The idea is that computer graphics is a rather diversified field and the students have many different interests, such as games, different applications, algorithms, animation, perception, visualization, etc

The exam part has been through two home exams and the second of them has been followed up with an oral part, i.e. with a 15 minute meeting me. The meeting with all participants have been useful for collecting comments on the course and assking the students about their interest in computer graphics and visualization, including master theses work etc.

Course book has been Akenine-Möller et al: Real Time Rendering, a very good book with a web page that is beeing kept updated regularly that however doesn’t cover the topic of the entire course (no such book exist). (book of first course is Angel)

I have usually asked some students to assist in the other grphics courses.

Autumn 2011:
Official participants: 9
Drop off: 2
Performance rate: 88% Examination rate: 71%
The low number of participants is partly explained by the lack of information on the course. It may also be that the increased number of graphics/visualization courses has filled the room of these kind of courses for some students.

Comments on the course has been collected through discussions with the students. The overall comments about the course is that it is appreciated and that it is sometimes necessary to limit the enthusiasm from students in order to let them finish the course in time.

For next year the following issues might be taken into consideration:
- More information to students from earlier courses, mainly from DH2323 (DGI) should be given.

- The course has to be adjusted to the first part of course to fit the changes that was done in DH2323 (DGI) course. A general overview of the courses in graphics and visualization should be given (when everything is more clear).
- The lecture and exercise with the designer Ewa-Marie Wadman was appreciated - it might be a good idea to extend this to more than one session.
- As not all participants have the same background, it might be good to have a lecture in the beginning with information on how to achieve background knowledge regarding e.g. shaders.
- It is good to use the visualization studio to get the easily inform the students about the potential value of the facilities there for course projects, external contacts and master thesis work.
- One could try and find more real world problems, for example proposed by industry partners
- A discussion on the possible content for the course, has taken place with Mario Romero, the teacher who is planned to give the course during autumn 2012 (and who is one of the applicants of the position as associate professor/universitetslektor in computer graphics).


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