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Advanced Computer Graphics and Interaction

Fall 2013. Last updated: Thursday 2013-10-16


  • 1. Lecture re-scheduled for Friday October 18, 15:15 - 17:00.
  • 2. Weekly Assignment 3
    • Group assignment due Thursday 17-10 at 23:59
    • What is going on in this video?
    • Anti-alias an element of your projects
    • Post before and after pictures on wall
    • I will randomly select one to present
  • 3. Course Evaluation
    • Please go to: Evaluation
    • due on Friday 19
    • This is an anonymous evaluation for you to give me your feedback on the class:
    • What I really like about this course is:
    • What I really dislike about this course is:
    • If I could change one thing about this course, it would be:
  • 4. GAMEX doodle
    • doodle
    • Please go to the doodle above and put all your available slots.
    • Once I have everyone’s availability, I will:
    • Create groups of 6-10 people at a time
    • You are welcome to be there at any point
    • You are required to be there when presenting
    • Everyone needs to be able to present everything
  • 5. BSC presentations
    • Some of the communication teams are scheduled to present their progress on Th 17-10 @ 15:00 in VIC.

Course Format

This is a project-based course. We learn about advanced computer graphics and interaction through a constructivist approach. The students define the material we will cover in class through their selection of original projects. They research the material and become experts at it. They build working systems learning and using their methods of choice. Finally, they demonstrate and teach the other students in the class what they have learned. The role of the other students is to provide critical feedback through research to improve each of the projects. The teacher's role is to guide the research and organize and motivate the students to produce accountable results that they present publicly.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to:

  • Collaborate to build original and stable systems that combine methods in advanced computer graphics and advanced human-computer interaction.
  • Communicate the theory and practice of these methods at a technical and a practical level.
  • Provide informed constructive criticism to the development of the projects from other teams.
  • Demonstrate the projects at large public venues to open audiences.
  • Collaborate with communication students on the theme and focus of an effective communication strategy for the technical projects.
Instructor: Mario Romero
Language: English
Classroom: VIC - Visualization-Interaction-Collaboration Studio at KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 5, Level 4, room 4451. VIC - MAP.
Office: 4417 or VIC.
Of. Hrs: I will meet individually with students and project groups upon appointment.
Credits: 9.
Reading Material: As an advanced course, the reading material will be mostly scientific papers in graphics and interaction. We will determine the material partly based on the projects.
Projects: There will be two group projects. Each project will have different group members. Each project will have: 1) proposal; 2) demo; 3) public presentation; 4) web site.
1. Proposal: Each proposal will consist of: 1) project goal; 2) related work review for the computer graphics and the interaction; 3) work plan; 4) presentation.
2. Demo: Each demo will consist of: 1) a hands-on demonstration of the project's goals; 2) a presentation in front of the class; 3) a discussion.
3. Public Presentations: Each public presentation will communicate the goals and methods of the project. There will be three public presentations for the first project and one for the second project, the VIC Open House:
Public Presentation Day Time Place Project
1) Researchers' Night Friday September 27, 2013 10:00-16:00 Debaser Project 1
2) GAMEX Thursday October 31 - Sunday November 3, 2013 10:00-19:00 Kista Project 1
3) VIC Open House December TBD TBD VIC Project 1 and Project 2
4. Deliverables:
Examinations: The public presentations will be the examinations. There will no be written examinations in this class.
Grading: The final grades will be A, B, C, D, E, FX, F, where:
  • A >= 91%
  • B >= 81%
  • C >= 71%
  • D >= 61%
  • E >= 51%
  • F < 50%
  • Fx will be given only as an incomplete.


  • Project 1 = 50%
    • Proposal = 10%
    • Demo = 10%
    • Researcher's Night = 10%
    • GAMEX = 10%
    • VIC Open House = 10%
  • Project 2 = 40%
    • Proposal = 10%
    • Demo = 10%
    • VIC Open House = 20%
  • Weekly Assigments = 10%

Deliverables: each project must deliver the following elements to get a grade:

  • Working Demo at VIC
  • Documented Code
  • Webpage with:
    • Description
    • "Making of" Documentary (1 min - 5 min)
    • Demo Reel (20 seconds - 2 min)
    • Marketing material: logo, trailer, flyers, posters, catalog, ...
    • Testimonials
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