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DN2265, Parallel Computations for Large-Scale Problems, Part II, 3 ECTS

The course will be given at KTH during the academic year 2011/2012. The first lecture is

Thursday, March 21, 13-15
Lecture Room D35, Linstedtsvägen 5

The course schedule is on the course's home page (link below).

The course consists of two parts which can be taken independently:

General Description

This course is a continuation of part I. The overall aim of the course is to provide an introduction into the basic ideas and methods used for developing parallel applications. We will concentrate on distributed memory architectures. Applications include simple numerical algorithms, image processing, sorting, algorithms on graphs, as well as more advanced numerical techniques.

In part II, the participants will develop a larger application project using and further exploring the methods of part I. For that, you can choose your own project (subject to approval by the course leader) or select from a list of computationally expensive projects from different areas of applications.

Further information about the course is given by

Michael Hanke,, (course administrator).

Course evaluation

By the end of the course I would like to ask you to answer the questions of the course evaluation form. You will then find a question-form here.

Current Course-information on part II

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