Department of
Numerical Analysis
and Computer Science

Lars Arvestad

Twitter: @arvestad
Google+: +LarsArvestad
ORDIC ID: 0000-0001-5341-1733
Phone: +46 8 790 6436
Fax: No.
Address: Science for Life Laboratory
Box 1031
17121 Solna
Visiting address: Science for Life Laboratory, KISP (Karolinska Institutet Science Park), Tomtebodavägen 23A, Solna. Some instructions for how to get here.
I am a Senior Lecturer at Stockholm University in the department of Computational Biology, a position largely funded by SeRC and am also affiliated with Science for Life Laboratories.

As of Feb 2012, I am the "prefekt" of dept of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science (Nada), at Stockholm University. My main research interests are computational problems in evolution and genomics.


reality or nothing.
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