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estzmate: Assessing the potential for a protein coding region


This program is available under the GNU General Public License. Download here! The only dependency is on Perl 5.x, for some unknown value of x.

If you use this program and mention it in a publication, please include a reference to the following paper.

Savolainen P, Fitzsimmons C, Arvestad L, Andersson L, Lundeberg J (2005) ESTs from brain and testis of White Leghorn and red junglefowl: annotation, bioinformatic classification of unknown transcripts and analysis of expression levels. Cytogenet Genome Res 111(1), 79—78


estzmate <est filename> <n_iters>
Input is a Fasta formatted sequence file <est filename>, and the number of randomizations in the Z-score computation is given by <n_iters>.
Published by: Lars Arvestad <>
Updated 2008-02-08