Department of
Numerical Analysis
and Computer Science

Group alumni

  • Mehmood Alam Khan, PhD student: Phylogenomics
  • Raja Hashim Ali, PhD student: Phylogenomics
  • Yrin Eldfjell, undergraduate, gymnosperm mitochondrial genomes
  • Kristoffer Sahlin, PhD student: Genome assembly
  • Enze Liu, MSc, improved sequence filtering with FACS
  • Francesco Vezzi, postdoc: Genome assembly
  • Mäns Magnusson: determining haplotypes
  • Andrei Alexsson: EST analysis
  • Kristina Nylander: Snabb skattning av evolutionära proteinavstånd
  • Erik Hammar: Multialignments
  • Per-Anders Legeryd: Visualization of gene evolution with emphasis on subfamilies
  • Jonas Moberg: General HMM implementation in Haskell
  • Fahad Sarqume: Choosing markers for forensic analysis
  • André Kahles: Maximization of haplotypic diversity of linked markers
  • Helga Westerlind: Analysis of MCMC-data in Bayesian phylogenetics, master thesis project
  • Oskar Thorin: Are some classes of mammalian genes evolving faster than others?, master thesis project
Published by: Lars Arvestad <>
Updated 2016-12-12