Your weight:

Level How much time a day do you spend on activities as demanding as: Hours Minutes
A for example sleeping, lying quietly in bed.
B for example sitting - bathing, quietly listening to music, watching television, etc.
C for example sitting - light office work, knitting, sewing, meetings, etc.
D for example making bed, ironing, washing dishes, etc.
E for example bowling, driving bus/tractor, automobile repair, dancing waltz/foxtrot, etc.
F for example walking briskly, horseback riding, sweeping sidewalk, etc.
G for example painting outside house, carrying and stacking wood, skiing downhill, etc.
H for example construction work, mowing the lawn with hand mower, shoveling snow by hand, etc.
I more effort than level H.
Sum: 24 0

Energy: 123 kcal, 12 kJ

This calculator is provided by Olle Bälter at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.