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Physical activity

Do you want to know how much energy you burn? The links below is Java-versions of an instrument for assessing energy consumption (see Lagerros YT, Mucci LA, Bellocco R, Nyren O, Balter O, Balter KA. Validity and reliability of self-reported total energy expenditure using a novel instrument European Journal of Epidemiology 2006;21(3):227-36.

Energy expenditure in English
Energy expenditure in Swedish
Introduction to the above in German
Same introduction in English
And of course in Swedish

Feedback and Computer Game design in web surveys

The demo below is actually a demo of two things: an example of what I mean when I claim that surveys should be entertaining: individual feedback based on the respondent's own answers. The survey extract includes two different versions of the same feedback: the text-based feedback was as far as we could come in the 2002-2003 study (see ) and the animated feedback that is a Master Thesis work (see ). The demo is in Swedish. If you need assistance using it, please contact me at balter at kth.se. Hints: answer "ja" (yes) on all questions on feedback. There is no feedback after the energy consumption.

Feedback demo.

Feedback during lectures

The demo below was developed for classes in presentation techniques. The Bingo card list deficiencies the lecturer may have. ANy student that discovers five in a row of these calls out "Bingo!" during the lecture.

Lecturer Bingo