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Open Positions

  • PhD student on privacy and security of autonomous systems in the home. Application deadline June 14, 2017. Link.

    Project description: Smart-home technology and the Internet of Things increasingly incorporate autonomous systems that can make decisions on our behalf - both to increase the utility and to decrease the complexity for the user. This becomes especially important in home environments for independent life which allow people with reduced activity ranges due to age, illness, or disabilities to live in their own homes longer. Yet such autonomous systems raise concerns about security and privacy. Quantitatively, this means more (sensor) data as well as more interconnected devices leading to increased system complexity. Qualitatively, the collected and inferred data is increasingly personal. This project will analyze these concerns, derive requirements, and, based on cryptographic approaches, develop solutions toward balancing functionality, security, privacy, and performance such that the networked systems can be useful and trustworthy. The latter is a prerequisite for the adoption of such autonomous systems; they must be protected from adversaries that, once having forced access, could change the functionality or leak private data.

    All vacancies are listed on the KTH job page.

PhD Students

Daniel Bosk

Guillermo Rodriguez Cano


Gunnar Kreitz (postdoc)

Oleksandr Bodriagov

Benjamin Greschbach

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