Judith Bütepage

Learning Machines

About Me

I am a third year PhD student at the Robotics, Perception and Learning Lab, CSC, at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. My research focuses on representation and interpretation of sensorimotor signals in human-robot interaction.

In more detail, I am interested in how low-level action-perception loops can give rise to high-level social cognition, see the EU project socSMCs (social Sensorimotor Contingencies).

As my background merges cognitive science, mathematics and computer science, my goal is to apply advanced machine learning algorithms and statistical inference in order to gain a better understanding of the underlying communication processes.

I am also an active member of Stockholm AI and organize their biweekly Machine Learning Reading Group.

A (not up-to-date CV) can be found here.

I am also reachable on Linkedin.


Mar. 2018: Gave a talk for a fantastic audience at Women in Data Science Sweden.

Mar. 2018: Discussed the importance of mathematics at Framtidens Matematik together with Johan Söderström and Justin Phelps. A recording of the event can be found here.

Feb. 2018: Presented my work at WASP AI4X Education & Entertainment . A recording of my talk can be found here.

Dec. 2017: Gave a 1 hour presentation for the algorithms team at Tobii.

Nov. 2017: Gave a 30 min talk about Human-Robot Interaction at Internetdagarna, Internet Days.

Jul. - Oct. 2017: Interning at Disney Research as part of the statistical machine learning group under the supervision of Cheng Zhang, Leonid Sigal and Stephan Mandt.

Previous news

May 2017: Hold a 1-day Machine Learning Workshop @ PinkProgramming for 40 women. Pictures can be found here.

Apr. 2017: Gave a talk at Bayes@Lund about modelling uncertainty in robotic applications. See here for the recording.

Apr. 2017: Second round of the "Hur tänker en robot" - workshop at the Tekla festival.

Feb. 2017: Invited to a panel talk about the life as a female PhD student at the Equality week.

Apr. - Jul. 2016: Internship at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

Apr. 2016: Coorganized the "Hur tänker en robot" - workshop (How does a robot think - workshop) at the Tekla festival.

Apr. 2016: I defended my master thesis.

Dec. 2015: Supervised to students from the International English school in Täby for a week. They learned basic programming skills.


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