Danica Kragic



This short course will survey basics and recent research results in visual servoing

Specific emphasis will be placed on:
  • basic issues
  • 2D tracking
  • 3D tracking
  • Image based VS
  • Position based VS
  • Hybrid and partitioned approaches
  • Clientele:

    Graduate students in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and related disciplines. .


    This is the current plan for the course.
    Links point to relevant papers.
    For additional material see summerschool material.

    December 2: INTRODUCTION

  • Lecture 1
  • Lecture 2
  • Camera geometry - Ezio Malis slides
  • A survey on visual servoing
  • A tutorial on visual servo control (S. Hutchinson, G. Hager, P. Corke)
  • A new approach to visual servoing in robotics (B. Espiau, F. Chaumette, P. Rives)

  • December 3: IMAGE BASED VS and 2D TRACKING

  • Lecture 3
  • Lecture 4
  • Francois Chaumette slides
  • Frederic Jurie slides
  • Potential problems of stability and convergence in image-based and position-based visual servoing (F. Chaumette)
  • A Modular System for Robust Positioning Using Feedback from Stereo Vision (G. Hager)
  • Efficient region tracking with parametric models of geometry and illumination (G. Hager and P. Belhumeur)
  • Hyperplane Approximation for Template Matching (F. Jurie and M. Dhome)


  • Lecture 5 (PPT)
  • Lecture 5 (PDF)
  • Visually guided object grasping ( R. Horaud, F. Dornaika, B. Espiau)
  • Real-Time Tracking of Complex Objects (T. Drummond and R. Cipolla)
  • Real-time visual tracking of 3D objects with dynamic handling of occlusion (P. Wunsch and G. Hirzinger)

    December 5: HYBRID METHODS

  • 2-1/2-D Visual Servoing (E. Malis, F. Chaumette, S. Boudet )
  • A New Parititioned Approach to Image-Based Visual Servo Control (P. Corke and S. Hutchinson)
  • Theoretical improvements in the stability analysis of a new class of model-free visual servoing methods (E. Malis and F. Chaumette)
  • An experimental study of hybrid switched system approaches to visual servoing (N. Gans and S. Hutchinson )