Master's thesis proposals

Connecting the digital with the analogue world

It would be interesting to have a solution for archiving digital signatures. E.g. all LADOK papers must be stored on paper with a signature on it. Since there's no solution yet of how to do this for digital signatures, we cannot use digital signatures when signing LADOK papers.

An expected solution would use smartphones and QR-codes to scan the document and do the verification (the QR-code being the actual signature). This would be a general solution that could replace hand-written signatures altogether.

A more interesting solution would be human-verifiable digital signatures, which are human verifiable but still unforgeable.

There is security, but no evident privacy in this project. Probably some privacy aspects will show up.

Private BitTorrent

In the current BitTorrent protocol it is obvious what files someone is after. It would be interesting to add private information-retrieval to the protocol, thus giving better privacy properties.