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Erik Fransén  
Computational Biology
School of Computer Science and Communication
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden  

also affiliated with:
Stockholm Brain Institute                                             

How can the brain store information that for the moment is important?
Or, how does coordination of input to a neuron affect whether the neuron will become activated or not? Further, how can properties of neurons be controlled and changed, if needed?

    In our research, we study how the brain performs functions like working memory (short-term memory) or how nerve cells become activated by synchroneous input from other nerve cells. We also study how properties of malfunctioning neurons can be changed towards more optimal function by changing ion channel characteristics. We apply these methods to epilepsy and pain. In this work, we use mathematical modeling and computer simulation. The neurons, ion channels and biochemical reactions are described by differential equations which are solved numerically in a specialized computer program.

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