Dual Arm Manipulation using Constraint Based Programming

Yuquan Wang, Francisco Viña, Yiannis Karayiannidis, Christian Smith and Petter Ögren

2014 IFAC World Congress (IFAC'14).


In this paper, we present a technique for online generation of dual arm trajectories using constraint based programming based on bound margins. Using this formulation, we take both equality and inequality constraints into account, in a way that incorporates both feedback and feedforward terms, enabling e.g. tracking of timed trajectories in a new way. The technique is applied to a dual arm manipulator performing a bi-manual task. We present experimental validation of the approach, including comparisons between simulations and real experiments of a complex bimanual tracking task. We also show how to add force feedback to the framework, to account for modeling errors in the systems. We compare those results to the ones without feedback, and show how the resulting trajectory is modified to achieve the prescribed interaction forces.