This course is arranged by the seminar Kommunikation: Kultur, teknologi, vetenskap at the School for Computer Science and Communication, KTH. The theme for the series of seminars during the Fall of 2006 is "Spaces for mediated communication". The seminar will double as a graduate course.

Fall 2006 (September - December)

Examinator: Associate professor Per-Anders Forstorp ( with the help of visiting lecturers. Contact him at 08 790 66 80 or 078 72 72 97.



During the course we will explore problems, methods and theories from various perspectives concerning mediated and mediating spaces. The series will start with a number of theoretical sessions in which we will expand some important theoretical perspectives (Lefebvre, Foucault,and de Certeau).

The coming programme for the course will consist of the series of seminars and the proposed readings in connection to these, but there will also be two or three additional seminars and additional reading for those who follow the course. The seminars will consist of presentations of current research on mediated spaces by Swedish and international researchers. Questions and problems concerning spaces, place, mediation and communication is at the centre of a number of scientific disciplines and of primary importance for many applied projects. Some of the following questions will be highlighted through theoretical perspectives and practical research: What are mediated spaces? How is the notion of space conceptualized within various disciplines? What theoretical and disciplinary spaces is our concern? What is the relation between various applications and theories? What spaces are mediated and why? How is space different from place och how are they related to each other? How do we conceptualize and explore space? How are spaces constructed with the help of social practices, technology, architecture, texts, artifacts and theoretical discourses? How does the form and the mediated processes (technology, architecture, rules, norms, organization, etc.) condition the activities that take place in the space? What are the consequences for the relation between the private and the public, as well as for political encounters and democracy? What takes place in the open and what remains hidden? Etc.



Examination will consist of following the series seminars and of writing a research paper (preferably something that is connected to your particular project).


Interested participants should be registered as graduate students either at the HMI School or any other unit of KTH or at any other university department. The number of participants is limited to 15.


Application, contact and information

The first seminar i the course will take place on Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 15-17. The location for this and all subsequent meetings will be at KTH, CID-torget, Lindstedtsvägen 5, top floor (6). The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 15.

Application for the course should be made as soon as possible but no later than September 4, 2006. You apply to the course by sending the following information to Per-Anders Forstorp ( In your application, please specify: * Your contact information (e-mail/snail mail, telephone number(s), department) * Experience/interest in the subject and why you want to take the course * How the course is connected to your research project/your interests * How you can contribute to the course. The applications will be distributed among the course participants so we can get to know each other better when the course starts!


Litteratur och länkar


Stadens transformationer och platser – Kvalitetsperspektiv på det befintliga stadslandskapet  Sökbar fristående magisterkurs hösten 2006 på Göteborg universitet, Kulturvård, kursstart v 36, helfart. Universitetslektor Ingrid Holmberg

Holmberg, Ingrid 2006 På stadens yta. Om historiseringen av Haga. Göteborg: Makadam Förlag


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