Selfportrait, 2005. Original: A3, charcoal.

Welcome Stranger!
My personal webpage is not updated in any particular order or rhythm, and most of what goes on here is behind the scenes and thus hidden anyhow...

About the Software
Some of the bits and pieces that I put on display here, in the public area, are often only placed here in order to make it easy for my friends to find. But since this is indeed a public part of my webpage, it would seem that the entire Internet is invited as well.

General Disclaimer
Please note that pretty much all of the software that might, from time to time, be found here is beta [or even alpha] stage software (i.e. it’s in dire need of more work to be considered finished.) Users of such software might experience unexpected behaviour, crashes, or even machine failure! You have been warned.

By using any part of my website [software or otherwise] you agree to be bound by the terms of a license agreement of my choice.

Basically what I mean to say is that if anything breaks [software or otherwise] you get to keep both halves, and also that any lateral damage will be on your responsibility.

/ Fredric, KTH, D-04

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State of appearance in the year 2000.
Now, WTF was I thinking (?!). Jeesh...


Jag kan inte låtsas längre
Tanken av henne får min mage att pirra så där obehagligt skönt. Jag tänker på henne mest hela tiden. Jag somnar inte om jag tänker på henne. Jag somnar inte om jag inte tänker på henne. Jag rodnar när jag talar med henne, men försöker ändå komma på nya sätt att vara i hennes fokus. När våra blickar möts så önskar jag att min förnimmelse är sann, att hon också drabbas av smärre andnöd.

Jag är kär. Hm, usch...

By the way...
»Braccae tuae aperiuntur.»