Hamed Nemati


  • Selected Publications
    • Selected Papers

      ➢ Mads Dam, Roberto Guanciale, Narges Khakpour, Hamed Nemati and Oliver Schwarz."Formal Verification of Information Flow Security for a Simple ARM-Based Separation Kernel", CCS 2013, Berlin, Germany.

      ➢ Mads Dam, Roberto Guanciale, Hamed Nemati."Machine code verification of a tiny ARM hypervisor", TrustED 2013.

      ➢ Hamed Nemati, Roberto Guanciale, Mads Dam. "Trustworthy Virtualization of the ARMv7 Memory Subsystem", SOFSEM 2015

      ➢ Hamed Nemati, Mads Dam, Roberto Guanciale, Viktor Do, Arash Vahidi. "Trustworthy Memory Isolation of Linux on Embedded Devices", TRUST 2015

      ➢ Hind Chfouka, Hamed Nemati, Roberto Guanciale, Mads Dam and Patrik Ekdahl. "Trustworthy prevention of code injection in Linux on embedded devices", ESORICS 2015

      ➢ Mohamad Rezaei, Hamed Nemati, Nafise Sadat Moosavi, Reza Azmi .”TCvisor: a Hypervisor Level Secure Storage” ,IEEE proceeding - The 5th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions - London 2010.