Bertinoro Computational Biology 2010

May 23 – 28
University Residential Center
Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena), Italy

General theme

The central issue is how an incongruence between a gene tree and a species tree can be explained. There are a number of events that can cause such an incongruence, for instance gene duplication, allele sorting, lateral gene transfer, and hybridizations. Gene trees may reflect difference across a population or not, and for populations other representations than species trees are relevant, i.e., the ancestral recombination graph. Topics discussed will include:
  1. reconciliation of gene and species trees that differ due to gene duplications and losses.
  2. resolving allele sorting using reconciliation based on coalescent models.
  3. reticulate evolution.
  4. reconstruction of ancestral recombination graph.
The focus will be models and computational approaches, but a good understanding of the biology is a necessary basis for modeling.

In the tradition of earlier Bertinoro Computational Biology meetings, invited speakers will present new results in an environment that promotes informal, interdisciplinary discussion. The schedule is unhurried with lots of coffee breaks. A list of speakers will soon be available on the program page.

Please register as soon as possible!