Embodied Cognition course

About the Course

Course code

The course has the code: DD3009.

Aims and Objectives

After the course, the students should be able to:
  • demonstrate insights in the field of embodied cognition
  • have a multi-disciplinary perspective on the matter
  • have an overview of the research at TMH, CBN, and CVAP
  • place their own research in a broader perspective
  • setup multi-disciplinary research


PhD students in the areas of computer science, neuroscience, electrical engineering, robotics, biology, and related areas.

Requirements for passing

In order to pass the course, students need to:
  • actively participate in all lectures*
  • prepare and give one lecture
  • prepare questions for the invited speakers
  • write an inter-disciplinary research proposal (in groups of two)
* In case of absence, the student can provide a one-page summary/discussion of the content of the lecture.

Course Credits

The course will be rewarded with 6 ECTS.