NB. I now work at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Go to: www.gertkootstra.com


I enjoy my work, and I definitely enjoy my free time as well, especially playing sports and listening and making music.


After having played football (soccer) for years, I discovered Ultimate Frisbee a couple of years ago. Ultimate frisbee is an exciting and fast game involving a lot of sprinting, jumping, and diving. The goal is to catch the disc in the end zone of the oponent. This has to be done by passing the disc around, which of course the oponent tries to prevent. In Groningen I played at Gronical Dizziness. I joined the Stockholm Syndromes.

Apart from frisbee, I enjoy many other team sports, like football and floorball. I furthermore enjoy cycling and running.

Making Music

I played in a number of bands. You can appreciate some of our music here.


From 2000-2001, I played guitar in Ambush.

The members of the band:
  • Femke Weidema: Singer, guitar
  • Rick van der Zedde: Guitar, accordeon
  • Gert Kootstra: Guitar, djembee
  • Bart Niek van der Zedde: Bass
  • Wieger Jelsma:Drums, percussion

Our demo album "Ambush":
  1. No Blame (56 kbit/sec)
  2. Stardust (56 kbit/sec)
  3. Living a Lie (56 kbit/sec)
  4. Light of the Moon (56 kbit/sec)
  5. Your Hand (56 kbit/sec)
  6. Fall (56 kbit/sec)
Left: Ambush, middle: Quality Dogs. Right: percussion

Quality Dogs

We first played together as Opus 26, later as the Quality Dogs. I always had great fun playing with these guys. Unfortunately, we stopped in 2003.

The Quality Dogs were:
  • Teije Venema: Lead singer, guitar
  • Jacob Lont: Keyboard, guitar
  • Gert Kootstra: Bass
  • Reinier Teekens: Drums
Some of our songs:
  1. You are all I want you to be tonight
  2. Ocean
  3. There you stand
  4. Long time
  5. Dying for a cigaret
  6. Not an exit
  7. For your sake
  8. Can't believe


Besides playing guitar in bands, I played percussion in a Brasilian samba band of Junior Martir.

Listening to Music

Just a random selection from my album collection:
Tom Waits, The Beatles, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, dEUS, Zita Swoon, Kings of Convenience, Tom McRae, Bettie Serveert, Paul Simon, Sting, Heather Nova, Lamb, Kruder&Dorfmeister, Propellerheads, Portishead, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Dexter Gordan.