NB. I now work at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Go to: www.gertkootstra.com


Teaching Activities

  • PhD Course: Embodied Cognition [spring 2011]
    An inter-disciplinary course on embodied cognition for PhD students. Organized by three groups at the KTH: Computer Vision and Active Perception group, Speech, Music, and Hearing group, and Computational Biology.
  • Summer School: Vision for Robotic Localization and Mapping [2010]
    Together with Dr. Matthew Johnson-Roberson, I organized and taught the Summer school "Vision for Robotic Localization and Mapping" at August 9-13 2010 in Lappeenranta, Finland.
  • Autonomous Systems [2002-2007]
    A theoretical introduction course to the field of Autonomous Systems. The course is for third year bachelor students. Topics are (among others): A historic view of robotics, embodied cognition, behavior based robotics, neural networks for robotic control, artificial evolution for evolving robotic controllers, robotic navigation, and artificial life.
  • Practicum Autonomous Systems [2002-2005]
    A practicum for third year bachelor students. The practicum gives an introduction to working with real robots (Pioneer II and Sony AIBO). In a number of exercises, the students learn to work with and program a control mechanism for the robots using different types of sensors.
  • Robotics [2002-2005]
    A practicum for first year master students. In this practicum, the students work on a scientific robotic problem. Examples of projects are: robot navigation, robotic perception, and reinforcement learning. At the end of the course, the students write a scientific paper about their research.
  • Computer Introduction [2003, 2004]
    An introduction to Linux use.