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Oleksandr Bodriagov

List of publications:

  • Bodriagov, O.; Buchegger, S.; , "Encryption for Peer-to-Peer Social Networks,"Privacy, security, risk and trust (passat), 2011 ieee third international conference on and 2011 ieee third international conference on social computing (socialcom) , vol., no., pp.1302-1309, 9-11 Oct. 2011
  • O. Bodriagov, S. Buchegger, "P2P Social Networks With Broadcast Encryption Protected Privacy" in "Privacy and Identity Management for Life" Revised selected papers from the 7th IFIP International Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management for Life, Trento, Italy, Sep. 2011, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology vol. 375, edited by J. Camenisch, B. Crispo, S. Fischer-Hübner, R. Leenes, G. Russello, (Springer, 2012).
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