Omid Aghazadeh

Omid Aghazadeh, Ph.D.

Email: omida[*a@t*]{csc.}
Address: Teknikringen 14, room 615
Tel: [+46] (0)8 790 6726

Research Interests:

My research interests are mainly Computer Vision and Machine Learning.



Conference Papers:

Workshops / Presentations :

Non Peer Reviewed Publications / Manuscripts:


Selected Projects:

  • Visual Diaries:

  • Foreground/Background Object Segmentation:

  • Object Boundary Detection using Spatio-Temporal(Optical Flow) and Visual(Texture and Color) Cues:

  • Non-Linear and Anisotropic Image Denoising:

  • Original Image Gaussian Homogeneous Smoothing Gaussian Anisotropic Smoothing
    Original Image Gaussian Smoothing Edge Enhancing Smoothing (TV Like De-noising)

  • Scale-Space Methods:

  • Gaussian Scale Space Perona-Malik Scale Space Total-Variation Scale Space

Teaching Experiences:


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