Teresa Inés Cerratto, Ph D







My area of research is human computer interaction, especially computer support for collaborative activities. In my doctoral dissertation ( the introduction, discussion and conclusion are available in French). I have studied, through empirical studies, the impact of a commercial collaborative application on : goal oriented communication, construction of  the writing space and  rhythms of writers, elaborating a common text in small groups. From an instrumental perspective (Rabardel, 1995), the analysis of the impact on these dimensions, demonstrates that a collaborative tool is not collaborative in itself, but it becomes collaborative when users use and attribute collaborative functions to the tool. My focus is on the evaluation of collaborative tools through real usage and then through instrumental development.  At IPLab I currently investigate human communication processes within distributed formal meetings supported by synchronous computer systems and the problem of supporting a developmental process such as writing when learning Swedish as a second language.

Work and research projects

I have been working for the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in Lyon, France, with an interdisciplinary team interested in computer mediated learning activities. I was involved in different European and North American projects concerning the integration of technologies in educational settings (1993-1996). In particular, I was investigating and evaluating supports for the navigation on the web (1997-1999). Also, I was working on the problem of index and retrieval information on shared database, for France Telecom (1997).

At the present I’m responsible for the project “The use of language tools for writers in the context of learning Swedish as a second language” funded by The Swedish Research Council –Vetenskapsrådet. A new version of the research application is available here.

I collaborate with Ann Lantz in the project “Formal meetings on distancefunded by VINNOVA.

Other activities

I organize the IPLab seminars together with Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh and Anna Stockhaus. Last spring 2002, together with CID, I organized the series of seminars in  Learning and Information technology : pedagogics, politics and society.

I am editor in chief of the Spanish version of the International Journal : In Cognito “Cuadernos romances en Ciencias Cognitivas”


·        Social aspects of cooperative technologies, a CSCW course at NADA

·        Theoretical perspectives in HCI at the HMI Graduate School



I was born in Buenos Aires Argentine. My mother tongue is Spanish. I also speak French, English and Swedish.

Tessy’s publications




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