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Francesco Vezzi

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Phone: + 46
Visiting address: Link, KISP (Karolinska Institutet Science Park), Tomtebodavagen 23A, Solna

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Computer Science and Communication and SciLifeLab under the supervision of Lars Arvestad. I defend my PhD thesis in computer science in Udine in March 2012, my PhD advisor was Prof. Alberto Policriti.

My reasearch interest is mainly focus on the design and implementation of Algorithms and Data Structure applied to Genomics. I am particularly interested in Alignment problems (Short String Alignment), De Novo Assembly, and, more recently, in De Novo Assembly validation and evaluation.

I am a member of the Norway Spruce Project, a project aiming at assembling and anlysing the first conifer genome.

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