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Last change: April 14, 2020

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Parent: Please see the instructions if you are uncertain about this option.
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(leave the "born name" blank if your name has not changed through the years)
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can be included on this internet page:
(If you are not able to put up pictures on World Wide Web by your own but are capable of scanning your own photo into a digitalized form then just please e-mail me the picture and I'll gladly put it up here for you. /Joel)

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This function is password-protected so that noone outside the family can write crap here. The passwords that are required here are personal so the ordinary Brynielsson password won't work here. If you don't have a personal password and you want to add/alter information in the database then please leave mail to Joel and you will have a password sent via e-mail (only if you are a true member of the family of course...). Please include your own suggestion of a password in the e-mail (not TOO obvious...). The reason why a personal password is required for altering or adding information is simple. Your actions will be stored in a log-file so that we can keep track of who is doing what. Another way to look at the personal password is that if your data has been altered it would be nice to see who has altered it!

Please fill out this form as good as you can. If you don't know what to write in a field then just leave it blank and this program will then take care of the rest. It's easy to come back later to add or alter information so don't wait with registering yourself or another family member just because you happen to lack some information.

Please do use this form not only for yourself but also for other family-members that can not access the internet theirselves. If you do this the database will grow fast and once the person happen to get internet-access then the person can alter the information you have given here himself! The title to some of the text-boxes on this page asks you to write your blabla. If you are writing information for someone else you shall of course enter the information regarding this person although it says your.

The parent option is included in the system to keep track of children with parents who have had children with different people. The parent field shall contain the letter that the "non-Brynielsson"-parent has. If for example the child was produced with the first "non-Brynielsson"-parent then the fied should contain an "A". If you want any further explanation of this then please contact Lasse or Joel

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