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First name:August Emil
Born name:Andersson
Background:Only 19 years old he immigrated to America (1890-10-11). There he met his first wife, Clara, and got a son, Clarence, and a daughter who died in infancy. Clara died as well. Alma (#13) helped him with the boy. After he had met his second wife, Anna, they moved on to Canada in the early 1900's. There he worked with different farming activities around Drumheller and got the son Warren. The third wife, Gladys was a sister to Myrtle's (#112A) mother. They married 1924 and she died 1941. About 1947 he met his last wife, Ann, and they migrated to Penticton B.C. where he is buried. She also died before him.
Other information:He was a contested hardworking man. In his youth he had difficulties with money. He belonged to a Masonic lodge.

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