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First name:Eric
Born name:Brynielsson
Background:Born in Stockholm 1909. Very sick during autumn 1919 but became well at Christmas Day. Doctor Nilsson said it was a wonder. Left home and took M.S. Gripsholm to USA in Oct. 1928. Stayed at aunt Alma in Moline and worked for a mechanical work shop. Traveled home 1931, studied to an engineer and started to work in Boliden. Moved back to Stockholm and worked at Rosenblads Patenter, later bought by Alfa Laval, until reteirement. Met his wife Maj at Skansen in Stockholm. They got their fist son 1940 and lived in a flat in Stockholm. Bought a house in Bromma when they got their second son in 1944. Bought a summer house in Trosa south of Stockholm 1946. Eric and Maj stayed in Bromma, close to their two sons, until Eric died in summer 1980.
Other information:Eric was vey handy, built two summerhouses, was interested in wood carving and repaired almost everything. He was also interested in music and played the banjo he bought in USA. Another interest was photograp, collecting stamps and coins. He never lost his interest for his roots and when Warren Anderson (122) visited Sweden 1968, they travelled together down to Öland to meet the other relatives there. This was also the start for him to map all the relatives in a tree diagram and assign them a number, the system we use today.

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