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First name:Lars Eric
Born name:Brynielsson
Address:Peringskiöldsv. 65
168 56 Bromma
Telephone number:08 37 41 25
Mobile phone:073 625 4125
Background:Born, grown up and still living in Stockholm. My career has been with IBM, Scandinavian Airlines and own consulting. Live with Margareta in a house in Ängby Bromma, 10 km from the city and 40 from Arlanda Airport. Share a summer house in Trosa with my brother Anders. My father became interested in his ancestors and initiated the Brynielsson number system to find out who belongs to who. Before he died he passed it over to me. My son Joel takes care of this web site (thanks for that). Retired 2005. Continue with consulting.
Other information:Interested in genealogy. Listen to jazz and classic music. Help my children and grandchildren.

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