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First name:Maj Elisabet
Last name:Brynielsson
Born name:Westling
Background:Born in Stockholm in an area caled Sibirien. Passed Engelbrekts Folkskola and started to work 16 years old. Met her husband Eric at Skansen. Married and lived in a flat in Stockholm. When second child came 1944, moved to a house in Ängby, Bromma, west of Stockholm. There the two sons were brought up. Moved back to city after Eric died 1980 to a flat at Kungsholmen.
Other information:Majs father August was coming from a farm in Österfärnebo. Majs mother Bertha was coming from a family working in Sala silver mine. They moved from Västmanland to Stockholm and had three children. August worked as a railway driver at Djursholmståget.

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