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First name:Wera
Last name:Brynielsson
Born name:Wahrenby
Born:1920 07 09
Died:2017 10 07
Background:Born in Stockholm: Her mother was born Hebbe and her father was born Persson and later took the name Wahrenby. After high school she studied chemistry. Started to work at the firm Barnängen where she met her husband Harry. They both worked in Berlin a short period before the war. Back in Bromma, Stockholm, they raised three children. Travelled with Harry to USA where they met his relatives, especially Gene (#131) who also visited them in Bromma. Lived in Vaxholm and at Resarö, once the summerhouse of Georg (#16)
Other information:She is an exellent cook, reads books and plays bridge a little. She is found of art and music, especially opera.

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