KTH Boot Camp 2012, Möja, September 7 – 9


STF Möja. We have the hostel 2 days for ourselves.


Friday morning: Travel to Möja
Friday afternoon – Saturday evening: Lectures, solving problems, leisure activities.
Sunday morning: Travel back to Stockholm, 4-hour ICPC-like competition at KTH.

More information

At Möja we will have 2 3-hour competitions, where you will be solving problems on paper. Proofs will be as important as correct code.

We plan to have 4 1-hour long lectures on Friday and Saturday in the evening. The topics aren't decided yet and we are open to suggestions – see below.

Saturday afternoon will be free and you can cycle, hike or paddle.

Lecturers and Organizers

If there is a topic you want to hear, suggest it to Lukáš.